One of my favorite things in life is thinking up an idea and making it a reality. I especially love community organizing and think the internet and social media might have their downfalls but they can be incredibly powerful ways to bring people together.

Back in 2011 I started a website called CTWorkingMoms.com. The purpose of the site was to connect working moms with information they may need about things like childcare while sharing the stories of working mom writers in Connecticut. Over the years we had several viral successes including a post-baby body photo shoot in 2011 and a Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood photo shoot a few years later. Being part of CT Working Moms was vitally important in my life and I found community there that I needed during that period of my life.

Let's love more and judge less.

Flash forward to now and the site still exists but is morphing into the CT Working Moms Collective. The Collective will connect readers with writers individual websites, instead of posting content directly on the site. So that is what lead to the creation of this site, Authentically Michelle.

I love writing and sharing stories about my experiences. I hope you’ll relate to my journey of living a truly authentic life. I believe that when we are open and honest about our own experiences we help others to see that they are not alone.

If you’re interested you can look back at my writing on CT Working Moms, I have literally hundreds of posts over there!

Michelle Noehren

Michelle Noehren

Writer, communications professional, solo mama, lover of kindness, connector of people.

Email me: michelle@ctworkingmoms.com